Availability of Ready Scripts

We have already-made scripts. Check out our synopsis page and make your choice. But if you don’t find what you're looking for, don’t you worry, kindly contact us and state your preferences. We are here for you.

Please visit our store or our Synopsis page to survey our available products. Prices might be negotiable depending on the item selected.

Viddawood respects clients' exclusive right to amendment of any purchase if need be.


Consultancy & Counselling

Viddawood has a team of experienced professionals on ground for professional counselling, and consultancy, at a very affordable price.

Our CONSULTANCY is unique and impeccable with unlimited access to staff consultants. However, strict adherence to terms and conditions supersedes every personal intent of both staff and client. Cost of consultancy differs upon the nature of the information/service required of any Viddawood consultant.


Viddawood was established to support and empower un-established writers, therefore, any service of COUNSELLING rendered to an un-established Writer shall be free of charge.


by un-established, we mean: unpublished/produced, armature, student, aspiring writers.


Client Assistance and co-authorship

Viddawood is willing to work with you in developing your original story or idea, at a very affordable cost.


We are willing to accept a unique story idea from any client and build it into a great film script. This will not deny the client of his copyright as it shall be "The FILM, by CLIENT, a Viddawood Screenplay"


However, Viddawood shall retain 50% of the income generated from the sales of the screenplay as has been provided by the Sales Policy of Viddawood, while the client retains the remaining 50%.