Scenes from Threshold

THRESHOLDS is a Viddawood Screenplay, Shot in Ondo State, Nigeria.

Sometime ago, the journey of an Epoch making movie had begun. The sophistication, the cooperation, and the anticipation of this production was overwhelming.
Ondo people loved our story; and they asked for more. The making of THRESHOLDS generated more ovation than we expected.
His Excellency Governor Olusegun Mimiko adopted THRESHOLDS and made it a state academic property.
Ondo state Government has taken over the sponsorship of the subsequent episodes.
Anticipate! THRESHOLDS II. A Viddawood Screenplay.



Femi Adedeji                            Desmond


Olowo George                           Bayo


Princess Eigbokan Orih            Iya Titi


Adesuyi Oluwatobi                  Young Bayo


Rev. T.  Akintade                      Segun


Adeyanju Gboyegan               Young Desmond


This movie is highly recommendable for children and teenagers.

Threshold is an academic movie, written and Directed by Darlington Chukwunyere. This movie is a typical Yoruba English piece,  set at the heart of Ondo Ancient City.

Thresholds narrates the didactic  tale of Bayo Obalola (the protagonist) who whiled away his time in school with hopes that he could eat his cake and have it restored.  He however, enters the real world (after school) to meet the exact opposite of his expectations… he must pay the price thereafter.

This is a true representation of the adage ‘make hay, while the sun Stays’ and ‘there’s good reward for every hard worker’.


This movie was produced by B-media productions and is being marketed and distributed by B-media productions.