For the Love of My Roots

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He is a victim of internet dating gone wrong. His internet date invites him over to London for them to get married. Upon his arrival, he realizes how mighty the trouble he was in… he was in love with a beauty queen, but now, he meets a different  person who seems to be the total opposite of his internet date. This fat old British lady is highly connected and dangerous. She would make life miserable for him and even get him deported, from jail of course, if he fails to be her sex slave.


Ironically, there had been misplacement all along. The kind that happens when the wrong person picks the wrong person from the airport. This Nigerian guy had been picked up by the brutal human trafficker who mistook his name for the similar identity of her Nigerian victim who also was billed to arrive London the same day. There had been a swap at the airport, his Nigerian name-sake who was also on a similar marriage journey without knowing what he was walking into, luckily escapes by coincidence as he gets picked up by his counterpart’s internet fiancé instead.


Now the question is? How long would he suffer what was meant for another man?


The Line Between Love & Lust

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Rita is obviously enjoying what any woman would call “the dream marriage”. Her husband is more than a loving and caring companion who has placed her above every other thing in his life; giving her overwhelming bliss and nuptial sensation . But this was not enough for her. ..


She decides to taste the outside waters when her husband is placed on a duty-call, for six months, away from home…


She finds a temporary lover for the meantime, hoping to discard him once her husband gets back.
Now she faces a hard choice of telling “Who is sweeter and better “LOVER”, between her husband and her new Lover.


Would she ever be able to find the right answers? Does she even notice that Line between love and lust? What do you think would eventually become her story?
The series of events that takes place afterwards will stun your imagination…
Why don’t you find out more, and maybe thank me later?
Surely you might find this short story worth your time and money.


True Valour

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King Onyema is confronted with siege and threats of extinction. There’s an ongoing war between his kingdom and a dangerous enemy empire; and his warriors are virtually on the losing side.


The war advances gradually to a point of total annihilation and defeat. Danger looms, IGWE Onyema must do something before the wind of destruction blows out his candle light. There’s only one hope; the gods. He must consult the gods and this time around, he resolves to having direct contact. He bargains with the gods.


He makes a dangerous pledge to the gods in exchange for guidance and victory, and vows to sacrifice anything that first appears from within his doors on his victorious return from battle.


The gods eventually fulfill their own part of the bargain, but something happens. The vow; someone comes out to welcome him from battle… his son and sole heir.


Prince Ikenna happens to be the first person to make it out of the palace to greet the victorious king.


But the vow must be fulfilled, for it was made to no mortal but the gods.


Subsequently IGWE Onyema resolves to fool the gods. He dragoons the members of his cabinet into a vow never to conceal his decision to sacrifice a cow instead of the rightful item (his son).


The elder take oath never to conceal the secret, and it was sealed afterward.


Soon the consequence of their conspiracy begins to bare seed. The gods let lose a flood of pestilence and plague on the kingdom. Untold hardship and unforeseen events begin to manifest. The gods are angry; their rage pours like profuse sweat all over the sky, drilling and descending with such a malevolent force upon the people of Umudim. Ogidi the deity of Umudim turns their back on them.


Subsequently, the gods hear their cry. This time, they demand a greater price than the earlier. At first, the IGWE must pay for his deceit with his soul. Next, the prince must give his life in exchange for Umudim.


This appears a hard choice for the kingdom, most especially Prince Ikenna’s mother.


The prince resolves to take the heroic step. He gives up his life for his people; bliss is restored, and the rage of the gods is put to rest.



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Now, begins the story of a mythical festival season called ‘Izu Asaa’ the “week of Asaa”, a week dedicated to the 7th deity of the wind which requires human sacrifice of seven strangers. This illustrious week coincides with the conclusion of the NYSC Orientation program as well as the deployment of Corps members throughout the state. This mysterious town is associated with the 7th deity of the wind called Asaa. The Asaa festival involves the killing of seven strangers before the seventh hour of the seventh day of the seventh month of the year, a month dedicated to the Wind god...


This festival comes up every year, and the victims are to be executed one after the other within the space of seven hours, and on the last sacrifice, (the seventh death) the Wind god Asaa would rise and walk as a man through the entire village; during this period, no woman or infant is to be seen on the streets else the wind would blow such person(s) away—and according to history, victims are usually never found again... However, in a case whereby the villagers fail to carry out these rites, the deity might come upon them as alternatives for strangers.


For the purpose of this festival, the custodians of this diabolic custom request for the services of seven Corpers, but their motive is unknown to the NYSC authorities.


Now they arrive Asaa Village to meet the dawn of a precarious nightmare… would they survive this pilgrimage across hell?


Fate once again plays a twist on everyone as it happens to be that Nene (the priestess of the Asaa deity) upon coming to perform the preparatory rituals on the unsuspecting corpers, finds love once again. She finds that her long forgotten Campus lover is amongst the endangered corpers.


Nene consequently resolves not to go ahead with her initial intension. She tricks her father Chief Odimegwu (the custodian of the town) and leads the corpers into escape while revealing to them that the time of human sacrifice would elapse as soon as the 7th hour arrives, (by 7am the next  day… by then they would be useless to the wind god.


They run into a secret safe house just to stay alive until 7am, with an alternative plan of making it through the Evil forest which is the nearest escape route should their hideout be discovered before daybreak. Here Nene warns them of a certain toxic plant named Asha-Mmuo, a small plant that induces hallucination and infatuation in anyone who has body contact with it. This plant is a wild flower with seven mystical branches and a leaf each on the seven branches.  She urges them to dread it as much as the hunters, since it is most potent at night, but waits till daylight before it starts manifesting on its victim.


They have no idea they’ve been sold out by Nene’s two trusted guards who were supposed to conceal their asylum.


Soon the guards raid their hideout; Nene is hit in the stomach by a flaming arrow. Preye, Peter, and Gbenga are captured, the remaining four manages to escape into the evil forest where the Asha plant and the host of other perilous elements hold stay.


Amidst chains of encounters with horror on their way to safety, Fate seemingly leads the fleeing corpers to a man called Tunde who leaves in the evil forest… at first they think him to be an evil spirit, but subsequently, Tunde reveals himself as a lost corper, who would have been a victim of the same predicament but was lucky to have been spared and had been trapped in the Evil forest for over five years. More so, Tunde reveals to them that the festival has always been used as a front to abduct and sell strangers into slavery where they would either be used as sex slaves or slaughtered, cut into pieces, and sold to politicians from different parts of the country for ritual purposes.


Nene who was left for dead after having been left to bleed to death is picked up by a hunter who is excited to serve the gods. He attends to Nne-Asaa and by fate, he resuscitates her with herbs and leaves. The hunter reveals a devastating secrete— sharing with her his knowledge of a certain hut in the forest where slave trade takes place. He further informs Nene that Nze Cheleku has been the brain behind the slave trading and the most shocking of all, that he would sell the strangers to blood thirsty politicians instead of sacrificing them to the gods as tradition demands.


Meanwhile, Tunde suddenly changes into a monster, and it becomes crystal clear to the corpers that they have just been lured into another death trap. Tunde is the chief executioner; he kills and dismembers all the victims and severs their vital parts. Now he is unto the Corpers who had already put all hope and trust in him…


At this point, Nene hurries home (in the company of Okonta the hunter) to present herself to the father (Chief Odimegwu the paramount ruler) who had initially been informed that she had jilted the gods and eloped with the strangers. She relates this heartbreaking discovery to her father who had given up on her after having heard the news of her desertion. At this point he realizes that Nze Cheleku (the prime minister) has been pulling wool over his eyes for so long… thence he summons the guards to follow him into the dreaded evil forest… he must see things for himself.


Simultaneously, the politicians and human-parts dealers are already convened at the hut (Tunde’s hut) and waiting to receive their “consignments”.


Just before execution time, Chief Odimegwu and his guards storm the scene.


Thereafter, the age long tradition comes to an end, and the surviving corpers go home.





TV Drama Series



This beauty queen SOPHIA quits a relationship of 15years, jilts a man who raised her from the slum, marries a super-rich guy who eventually turns out to be a full blown gay, not even bi-sexual.


Again, she realizes that her marriage to him, is actually a huge bet and this bet is worth $500,000.

Wow… she cannot believe she quit a happy life, just to help a chronic gambler win a big break, without knowing it?




The Honest Boy

Honesty pays. This is a morally uplifting piece

Uchenna is an orphan who lost both parents at the age of six. He manages to live in the wake of a cruel world of hunger, hate and marginalization, amidst resisting the strong urge to join forces with a band of young scoundrels in order to feed himself. He remains honest and steadfast until the day his character is put to the test. He happens to run into an abandoned bag, opens it to discover so much money, enough to change his life for good. But he wouldn’t give up his real self for a chance to escape poverty.  Luckily, he finds an address on the bag, which helps him find his way as he returns the missing bag. At this point, there is no regrets after all, as his life changes for good.


After School

This is a character development piece, recommendable for Parents, Children and Teenagers

This narrates the life of Achike, a boy who chose to follow the path of his older friend/neighbor Uchenna Eze, also known as Action (a tout/miscreant), who always returned home with so much money every day. Achike is misled to think that money grows on trees and therefore sees no reason to continue schooling since money is so easy to come by, (judging by the way Action the Tout commanded so much cash). He gradually drops out of schooling, defiling every effort made by his widowed mother who has given up everything just to ensure that he becomes successful in future.


After few years, Achike comes seeking a low-class job, in a big company owned by his junior school mate whom he had bullied mercilessly some time ago.  Now, he might have to reap the consequences of his action either in vengeance, or by a priceless show of mercy and forgiveness.


Entangled Lovers

“In just one night, two destinies are changed to become instruments of vengeance for two stray ghosts”

Two lovesick ghosts, who had experienced unfortunate past lives, find love in the weirdest of places as a battle of supremacy issues between two opposite worlds. These two stray-ghost siblings (male & female) who are in love with a couple (Michael &Sophia), afterwards possess the bodies of the only two persons, (Don Kenny Ogunlana & Funke Ogunlana) who have authoritative access to the targeted couple. Ironically, they become stock within the consequences of clash of interests as both impostors try to steal their way through, and break Sophia’s relationship with Michael so as to have access to them. Don Kenny puts his money to good use and easily wins the heart of Sophia who is apparently ungrateful for his (Michael’s) past sacrifices. But Michael, the bone of contention here, refuses to give in to the advances of his boss (Funke) and indeed unlocks a wave of game changing events, triggering an incident that eventually reveals the true identities of the new Don Kenny Ogulana and Funke Ogunlana.


The Quick & the Dead

This is an Epic African Native Tale.                        Buy @  an affordable price (negotiable)

An African village is besieged with fear and panic. There is fear of a clan of marauding warriors conquering lands from afar off. An orphaned boy must get help for the village. For him, there is a hope for revenge for past offences, but he must go on this adventure with a little band of the most unlikely folks, and to places where unfamiliar occurrences lie in wait.


The Toothpaste

Action Packed, Sc. Fi.  You wouldnt want to miss   out on this well researched work.

An aggrieved terrorist organization who had just lost a very important stakeholder in a face-off with the FBI, resolves to respond to the UN, with a nuclear attack. They smuggle and circulate a poisoned toothpaste to vulnerable countries who are UN affiliates, causing massive genocide as a result of the pandemic (since the toothpaste instantly ‘Zombifies’ users upon physical contact) as well as causing the whole world to panic.


Things virtually are moving on well, according to plan, for them, until a resident of their location coincidentally purchases one of the toothpastes. At this point, they have to find cure for their invention, or risk going into extinction with the rest of the world.


Wild Creatures

A contemporary story of survival in a society               where nothing is promised.

As a single parent, Mathilda raises her teenage daughter to avoid the mistakes that shatter the lives of women. Her ultimate fear is the fear of not having to lose her daughter to the decaying society. Amidst the trauma of having been abandoned by the father of her child, she strives so hard to give her daughter the future she deserves even though she has to do so in a society where morality has decayed and every teenager turned wild and rotten. This is a morally endowed eye-opener to parenthood and youths.


Crime & Romance, embedded with intense conflict.                   Get this Script

When the paternity of this one year old amazing baby boy becomes gold, everyone wants to be the father. A young drug peddler/prostitute who had sold her soul to the devil, decides to quit a life of crime and become responsible. Unfortunately, she quits with a parting souvenir, the pregnancy and birth of a baby boy, whose potential fathers could be either of three impotent drug lords who have been sleeping with her over time. She refuses to identify the real father but chooses to extort money from the three dangerous men using the baby as gateway, without knowing she was inviting the wrong guests to her little party.

Soon, the 'Men' commence the battle of paternity over the baby, all gearing towards taking the child to the life she had just forsaken and sworn never to return to.

Certainly, she loves her baby so much, and wouldn’t let that happen. But can the mother’s love protect and prevent him from being captured by the dangerous cabals who are laying claim to his paternity? Certainly not. Love is not just enough to protect him from being sold to the devil.

The Manimal

A typical Nigerian Story, embedded with politics, Sc. Fiction and ethnic conflict                                                  Get this script from our store

This is the story of a Scientist who could transform into a monster whenever he gets angry. He was not born a monster, but his DNA was altered.
He developed a super formula that could cure the ailing Nigerian president of a dreaded terminal disease, momentarily, and at least keep him alive through his presidential tenure. But the bad news was, this drug would have a terrible effect on his system. It would totally destroy his DNA, and make him half Animal, half Human, and for this reason he'd delayed administering the drugs to him.
But then, the Chief of Army staff had another thing up his sleeves. He wanted the president dead, and this scientist/medical doctor was to be used as the perfect cover for a silent coup.
But it didn’t end there; they murdered the president, framed him up for it, erased his memories, and used his ‘formula’ on him, to permanently seal the secret.
Now, they have thrown him into the fighting pits where he fights to the death with other condemned criminals. since he can never be defeated, he has become a money making machine.
But he would not give up on finding out the truth, even as a manimal. His name is Doctor Haribu Usman.
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