Viddawood is a team of young professional Filmmakers. Feel free to relate with us.

Emmanuela Chidera Chukwunyere


She is a multi-faceted entrepreneur with diverse areas of specialization aside her passion for community development through Screenwriting & Storytelling. She is also a medical personnel, a motivational speaker, and a digital marketer. Viddawood was a co-invented project she initiated to help effect positive change on the teaming human populace.

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Darlington Chukwunyere



Darlington Chukwunyere is a Nigerian writer of prose, drama and poetry.  Writing was his first Art aside music and painting. He began the pursuit of his filmmaking career in 2007. By then, he was a freelancer for five major local newspapers in Owerri; The Nigerian Horn. National Question, the Statesman, Frontline Newspaper, and the Strides, this was where he generated the name “Darlinscript” (as it was the title of his newspaper columns/pages).


 He graduated as a thespian from Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, and by 2010, he had published his first collection of poems online on  along with additional short stories on


He debuted his professional filmmaking career after writing and directing the Academic movie “Threshold”. Threshold was Set and shot in Ondo Town, featuring Femi Adedeji, Bernard Akinsade and few other Yoruba movie veterans. Ever since, he has been actively involved in the Nollywood home video industry with so many screenplays to his credit. He is also the founder of Viddawood, a script manufacturing company that markets already-made movie scripts.


In 2014, Darlington Joined the civil society sector, where he managed a USAID Strengthening Advocacy and Civic Engagement Project (SACE) in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria and in January 2017, he founded an organization, Visual Dimensions of Development Activism in West Africa (VIDDA West Africa), a platform he created for good governance advocacy through the collection and circulation of videos and pictures that contain evidences of bad governance, Human Rights Abuse and most importantly, providing advocacy tools for Civil Society Organizations.







Floyd Igbo

He is a young Professional with an exciting bohemian inclination, interested in Fine Arts, Performance Technology, Pop Culture, partying and writing.

Deborah Oluwaseyi

Deborah Oluwaseyi (Debby Brown) is a music artiste with strong penchant for story telling.

Ikenna Okeh

 Ikenna Okeh lives in Port-Harcourt from where he writes contemporary crime novels and narrative poetry.  He is also a music critic and co-founder of Ubuntu FM; an online platform based in South Africa, and dedicated to the promotion, publishing and distribution of music to a global audience. You can find his books on your favorite eBook stores.


Ogwogwo Nkiruka Margret

Ogwogwo Nkiruka Margaret is a thespian, a fashion designer, and a talented dancer with very high taste and penchant for reading and writing.

Babafemi Kelani

Babafemi is a young and dogged filmmaker with a flourishing screenwriting career. Born and bred in Lagos Nigeria, currently combining a career of song music and screenwriting.



Ekemezie Sylverline

I am a professional dancer, makeup artiste. On my very way to meet you at the top. I am myself, I believe in hard work.