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You write, we screenplay, we either sale or produce, you get paid, we impact the society, everyone wins.

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Story of the Month

The author of this piece retains copyright of this intellectual property which should not be redistributed to others for commercial or non-commercial purposes. If you enjoyed this book, please encourage your friends to purchase their own copy from any favorite EBook retailer. Thank you for your support.

Rita is obviously enjoying what any woman would call “the dream marriage”. Her husband is more than a loving and caring companion who has placed her above every other thing in his life; giving her overwhelming bliss and nuptial sensation . But this was not enough for her. ..


She decides to taste the outside waters when her husband is placed on a duty-call, for six months, away from home…


She finds a temporary lover for the meantime, hoping to discard him once her husband gets back.
Now she faces a hard choice of telling “Who is sweeter and better “LOVER”, between her husband and her new Lover.


Would she ever be able to find the right answers? Does she even notice that Line between love and lust? What do you think would eventually become her story?
The series of events that takes place afterwards will stun your imagination…
Why don’t you find out more, and maybe thank me later?
Surely you might find this short story worth your time.


Story of The Month

Merry Christmas!

Shocking revelations from a US-based Nigerian Entertainer

Dozie Nwachukwu says; "Nigeria  is the best country in the world!"

True Valour

See our SYNOPSIS page for full details.

A true HERO is one who remains true to his words. True valor is when a Hero dies for his people to live. We bring you this tale of glamour, Honor and Valor.



See our SYNOPSIS Page for more details

Seven foreigners on a call of duty realize they have just walked into a bloody festival that uses the head of seven strangers to appease the gods... but they find favor in the eyes of love.


However, is love enough to save their lives from the claws of death?



TV Drama Series


This beauty queen SOPHIA quits a relationship of 15years, jilts a man who raised her from the slum, marries a super-rich guy who eventually turns out to be a full blown gay, not even bi-sexual.


Again, she realizes that her marriage to him, is actually a huge bet and this bet is worth $500,000.

Wow… she cannot believe she quit a happy life, just to help a chronic gambler win a big break, without knowing it?



For the Love of My Roots

See our SYNOPSIS Page for full details

As an African, have you ever imagined leaving the shores of your dear country? Does it scare you when you read, hear and see how brothers fare in foreign lands? Well, even arranged marriages cannot save a black man from feeling the pangs of racism outside the shores of Africa.  But it still doesn’t mean there are no lucky Africans abroad. This is the true life account of a Nigerian brother, embedded with humor and glamour, enough to keep you seated forgetting you’d have to check on your cooking.

The Honest Boy

Honesty pays. This is a morally uplifting piece



Uchenna is an orphan who lost both parents at the age of six. He manages to live in the wake of a cruel world of hunger, hate and marginalization, amidst resisting the strong urge to join forces with a band of young scoundrels in order to feed himself. He remains honest and steadfast until the day his character is put to the test. He happens to run into an abandoned bag, opens it to discover so much money, enough to change his life for good. But he wouldn’t give up his real self for a chance to escape poverty.  Luckily, he finds an address on the bag, which helps him find his way as he returns the missing bag. At this point, there is no regrets after all, as his life changes for good.



After School

This is a character development piece, recommendable for Parents, Children and Teenagers

This narrates the life of Achike, a boy who chose to follow the path of his older friend/neighbor Uchenna Eze, also known as Action (a tout/miscreant), who always returned home with so much money every day. Achike is misled to think that money grows on trees and therefore sees no reason to continue schooling since money is so easy to come by, (judging by the way Action the Tout commanded so much cash). He gradually drops out of schooling, defiling every effort made by his widowed mother who has given up everything just to ensure that he becomes successful in future.


After few years, Achike comes seeking a low-class job, in a big company owned by his junior school mate whom he had bullied mercilessly some time ago.  Now, he might have to reap the consequences of his action either in vengeance, or by a priceless show of mercy and forgiveness.


Wild Creatures

A contemporary story of survival in a society                    where nothing is promised

As a single parent, Mathilda raises her teenage daughter to avoid the mistakes that shatter the lives of women. Her ultimate fear is the fear of not having to lose her daughter to the decaying society. Amidst the trauma of having been abandoned by the father of her child, she strives so hard to give her daughter the future she deserves even though she has to do so in a society where morality has decayed and every teenager turned wild and rotten. This is a morally endowed eye-opener to parenthood and youths.

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